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Things that make u feel old: video game edition

  • Paper Mario: TTYD is 53 years old today
  • first ever video game released for home consoles, Super Mario Bros. 2 (known as Super Mario USA outside of north america due to it being an american-created game) came out over 3 centuries ago
  • The first video game EVER made (Sonic 2006) was released in the year 2006 BC
  • Highly anticipated game, Big Rigs 2: Over The Road Racing ReDefined, has been delayed for just over 8 years now
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I still can’t believe what happened yesterday on here. that was too good.

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who is she

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theknightofglory asked: *in the middle of completion* wait a second ?

we ran out of nails. how could you be such a fool and not pack extras?

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theknightofglory asked: Sure a shed sounds good

hell yea broe

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theknightofglory asked: *picks up a nailed 2/4* lets do some fucking carpeting

i got the hammers and matching overalls. let’s build a shed.

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Anonymous asked: Cyber bullying is illegal depending on where you are and what you where doing is considered cyber bullying. So that would be the law. You broke. Sadly again that depends on where you live.

here in hell, norway it’s a way of life

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antlol666 asked: ERIC PLEASE

you’ll have a good time reading through me OWNING all the bronies

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theknightofglory asked: I still have more brain cells than you fucker face

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