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ok ive read enough articles on the movie time to play more binding of isaac

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francisfordcoppola send me notes on your film via fax

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Anonymous asked: Bless you you little bun I hope you achieve and soar

thank you i need it

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@coppola tell me everything about your film i need it for my test

4 hours ago

just watched apocalypse now and it was pretty good!!!!!! now to study for the insanely hard test my film professor will likely give on it. 

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Are the brony roleplayers still mad at me for exposing the truth about bronyguardian

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why was i not following dorites

did you remake or something

No but it was probably just mobile being bad

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*writes 20 page paper on thebronyguardian*

Fuck off Thebronyguardian. He’s not a fucking Nazi. The only nazi here is you.
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when the pictures in the cook book look too good


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